Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th October 2021
                   8 p.m.    Cobham Village Hall


  written by Stephen Scheurer-Smith       directed by Graham Budd


  Edward, a psychiatrist, has just moved into the neighbourhood with his wife Lydia, and invited their next-door neighbours for a barbecue housewarming party. What they had not bargained for was that their neighbours consisted of a loud and pushy property developer, his subservient, timid wife with a curious craving, an eccentric troublemaker and a streetwise tomboy with a fixation for gardening. This creates the perfect setting for a hilarious clash of personalities which exposes by revelations their vulnerabilities and aspirations.

                                UNDER MILK WOOD (abridged)

               written by Dylan Thomas        directed by Rodney Pearson


  In the woods above the small Welsh fishing community of Llareggub, songs are sung and stories are told about the daily lives of the people who inhabit the village below. Beginning in the hours before dawn, the audience is drawn into the innermost thoughts and relationships of a rich array of colourful characters, living and dead. Their hopes, desires, wishes and dreams, lyrically described, riotously comic and deeply moving, are explored through the morning and afternoon, before ending as dusk falls.