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Past Productions

One for the Road
by Willy Russell

One for the Road by Willy Russell  is a wickedly observant comedy by the author of Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine.

We find Dennis on the eve of his 35th birthday making a last-ditch attempt to break away from the confines of his middle-class, housing-estate existence.


Thursday 11th January 7.30pm

FrIday 12th January 7.30pm

Saturday 13th January 7.30pm


This hilarious comedy contains adult themes and language.

APRIL 20TH-22ND 2023

Alan Ayckbourn’s

Woman in Mind

Congratulations on an excellent NODA review for our April 2023 show Ayckbourn's 'Woman in Mind': "most thought provoking and the cast ,..under praiseworthy direction, presented a secure, well rehearsed piece." "Sam Myers gave a magnificent performance as Susan."

Woman in Mind is a razor-sharp tragicomedy about a vicar's wife on the outer edge of sanity whose vivid fantasy family life starts to compensate for the dry desert of her marriage. Neglected by her husband and forced to endure the unbearable cooking of his sister, the action depicts a frowsy Englishwoman’s increasingly delusional, frequently hilarious, often deeply moving and hopeless breakdown into psychosis.

Woman In Mind was directed by Cathy Hudson.

Cast: Samantha Myers, Stuart Evans, Elaine Kingston, Ian Creese, Finton McCluskey, Steve Black, Charlotte Coulson and Graham Budd.

W in M FULL CAST CREW(1).jpg
27-29 October 2022
Bettine Manktelow

Curtain Up on Murder

Our Autumn production in 2022 brought murder to the stage at Cobham. An amateur drama company is rehearsing at the theatre at the end of the pier. Storms rage overhead and the doors are locked – they’re trapped! Then a mysterious, ghostly presence passes across the stage, and when the Assistant Stage Manager falls to certain death through a trapdoor, the remaining actors are thrown into disarray. The panic increases when one of the actresses is poisoned and it becomes evident that a murderer is in their midst...

Our recent productions have ranged from provocative dramas to classic comedies and pantomimes. Click on any of the shows in our gallery to learn more.

Awards & Recognition

Cobham Players is a regular supporter of local and national drama festivals, and we’ve done rather well over the years. Here are a few of our highlights.

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