Virtual theatre

          Cobham Players has been presenting an exciting programme of virtual theatre for 2020/1.


               Some productions are available on application only and to members. 

      At Home with the              Herringbones





       written by Bob Charteris

           directed by Cathy Hudson



Lord and Lady Herringbone live in a crumbling mansion in Sussex. They are also broke. To make matters worse, their only remaining servant, Wick, is well past his “use-by” date. But there is a glimmer of hope when their daughter Caroline, a  public relations executive, calls in to tell them she has met a girl who works for the Country House Rescue television programme...


Lord Herringbone                                               Nick Forder

Lady Herringbone                                               Karen Budd

Wick, butler                                                          Harry Sadler

Caroline                                                                  Sam Myers

Alyce                                                                        Jessie McLean

This rehearsed play reading is now available

                  to view on application.  


        Crossed Lines

     written and directed by Mike Dawes

2020 CROSSED LINES IMAGE3shutterstock_17

Nigel is a local councillor and his wife, Diane, is an estate agent who is selling the home of two of their friends, Bella and Anthony. But there might have been dark goings-in behind the scenes. Josie is an undergraduate at Girton College, Cambridge, and is desperate to be re-united with her 'cello. When she calls Granny, lines are well and truly crossed.

Set in the late 1960s.


Nigel Fortescue                                                  Stuart Evans

Diane Fortescue                                                 Hayley Clines

Bella Jenkins                                                        Anne MacCormack

Anthony Jenkins                                                 Keith Burgess

Josephine                                                              Megan Teesdale

Granny                                                                   Jean Burgess

           This play is now available 

               for general viewing.