Review of

               Sunday Morning

          at the Centre of the World

This was an inspired production with a superb design in the style of L.S. Lowry, a great working set and terrific use of blocks. The minimal use of costumes worked well. There was a good lighting and sound design and choice of music. The start with a song by Herman’s Hermits ("Something Good") was optimistic with the cast in character and the movement on stage was an excellent introduction to the play. It was beautifully done and well judged. There was imaginative and varied work with constant movement  and the way the chorus was handled was never intrusive. The adjudicator loved how the mood changed with poignant moments contrasting with the upbeat scenes such as the raucous car boot sale was extraordinarily well done. There were bold directing decisions in evidence and lots of animals, particularly cats (he immediately recognised Martha), and birds. He liked the uncompromising nature of the staging. The last few minutes were beautifully done to the soundtrack of "Mad World" and it was a touching final sequence. This was an affectionate love letter to Earlsfield. The large cast worked well together: an excellent ensemble. There was huge versatility on display and the whole piece was directed with style, skill and intelligence.

A summary of the review of the production

                by the adjudicator

                Friday 12 May 2017

               Leatherhead Theatre