directed by mike dawes

& harry sadler

£12 & table seating

Cobham Players brings you this October a classic offering from Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Scarborough’s own world famous playwright: Improbable Fiction, a fine example of his outlandish comedy. 

In the play six aspiring authors gather together on a winter’s evening to discuss their work but writer’s block has firmly taken hold. Arnold, chairman of the group, suggests that they collaborate towards a single piece of writing but then the story – or different stories – explodes before his bewildered eyes. He is transported from the near future back to the 1930s and even the Victorian age as the whims of the aspiring writers take form and run riot. 

Sharp comedy and affectionate satire are the hallmarks of this zany, multi-directional and increasingly frenetic play. As the “improbable” fiction develops the changes of plot, setting, costume and manner of speech come thick and fast. Audience: be prepared for a whirlwind experience! 


From the actor’s point of view, the play is an absolute delight. Apart from the performer taking the leading role of Arnold, each actor plays at least three parts: a wildly enthusiastic writer of children’s books who draws pictures but doesn’t write anything, a poetry-besotted Chief Inspector, a forlorn love-struck housemaid and a completely over-the-top space age hero with his energetic and very nubile assistants, to name but a few. Every one offers a delicious opportunity for pronounced (or overly so) theatrical expression. 


Writer and producer of more than 70 full length plays, Ayckbourn is renowned for his highly original and imaginative productions: his plays have been translated into over 35 languages and performed on stage and television around the world. More than 40 have been staged in London’s West End and 10 on Broadway.

improbable fiction