Spring production

              HERE I BELONG by Matt Hartley

                 directed by Jason Lambert

                 26 - 28 April 2018  New Hall,

                       Cobham Village Hall

               Cobham Players was privileged to be the first amateur dramatic group in the country to       
             stage this new play, first performed in October 2016 by the Pentabus Rural Theatre Company.
                    In "Here I Belong" the story moves from 1953 through to the present day in a moving,
                            charming play about village life and the right to grow old in your own home.
                           The setting throughout is the village hall in the fictional village of Woodside.
    Elsie (Scene 1 (1953): age 27.  Scene 2 (1979): age 53.  Scene 3 (1998): age 72.   Scene 4 (2016): age 90.
         Elsie has lived in the village for sixty years.   She has seen elections, weddings, wars, people coming, people going.   The village
            is where her daughter grew up, it’s where her husband died and it’s where she’s going to stay.
       Dorothy (Scene 1: age 27)   Elsie's friend
       Marion (Scene 2: age 26)    Dorothy's daughter
       Scarlett (Scene 3: age 29)   A newcomer to the village
       Katie Reed (Scene 4: age 27)   Elsie's carer
           1953:                       Eslie:       Megan Castle                     Dorothy:        Sophie Johnstone
           1979:                       Elsie:       Nicky Hall                           Marion:          Beth Barrett
           1998:                       Elsie:       Mary Taylor                        Scarlett:         Natasha Roberts
           2016:                       Elsie:       Victoria Franklin              Katie:              Tanya Isaiah