Our latest production

Hamlet as it Never Was

             "Easy Stages" &

    "Don't Blame it on the Boots"                   written by NIck Warburton

                  directed by Mike Dawes


 Kate is struggling to direct “Hamlet” while Eric, playing (badly) the Ghost of Hamlet’s Father, flirts with Ophelia. Liz insists that Eric wears her actor father’s old boots, which are too small for Eric.  Then, on opening night, Eric finds himself trapped in the dressing room…

  Characters:  ERIC (Actor, not a good one)        KATE (Director)      OPHELIA (Actress)     LIZ (Costumes)

Don't Blame it on the Boots

   Easy Stages 

  The stage hands insist on coming on stage at inopportune moments, the producer keeps adding new ideas to the set and one crew member manages to destroy the stage manager’s precious chart containing all the stage directions and notes!

      Characters:   GERRY (Stage Manager)     KATE (Producer)     MARTIN (Stage crew)       ALICE (Stage crew)

                                 PATSY (Stage crew)       GILL (Stage crew)      SID (Stage crew) 

                                                                                    The cast

     Don't Blame it on the Boots                                 Easy Stages

      Eric                    John Kingston                                 Gerry              Charles Pepperrell     

      Kate                   Anna Steward                                                  Kate               Anna Steward

      Ophelia               Eleisha Harvey                                 Martin            Nick Forder                       

      Liz                      Tanya Isaiah                                   Alice               Jamie McLean

                                                                                  Patsy              Anne MacCormack 

                                                                                  Gill                Ruby Acquaye

                                                                                  Sid                 Harry Sadler

      The Education of Skinny Spew

  A surreal, blackly comic and politically satirical farce,

managing to cross all these boundaries in under twenty-five minutes.

   The cast
            Nicky Barnes                           Millie Hart                                  Sam Myers