The Frog Prince

     Thursday 10th January 2019 at 7.30p.m.

    Friday 11th January 2019 at 7.30p.m.

 Saturday 12th January 2019 at 2.30p.m. and 7.30p.m.



Prince Norman is about to be crowned the new King at Castle Awesome.  The retiring King's sister - Aunt Phibian - always wanted to be the monarch, so she goes to the coronation with evil intent.  She turns the Prince into a frog!

The only way to undo the spell is to find true love's kiss. A band of frogs tries to help and fortunately, the Prince meets a Princess who can talk to animals….

Will they all live happily ever after?

                                       The cast:


 Annie Chance, the Dame                            John MacCormack


 Weasel                                                   Charlotte Coulson

 Ferret                                                     Anne MacCormack

 King                                                      Nick Forder

 Prince                                                    Charles Pepperrell

 Aunt Phibian                                            Karen Budd

 Rocky                                                    George Marcall

 Pebbles                                                  Charlie English

 Beatrice                                                 Jessica McLean

 Viola and Chorus                                     Aliyah Murray

 Astrid and Chorus                                     Ruby Acquaye

 Leona and Chorus                                    Alice Acquaye

 Duke                                                     Hugh McLean

 Jack and Chorus                                      Joe Wood

 Hansel and Chorus                                    Emily Chalmers

 Gretel and Chorus                                    Zoe Groocock

 Godmother                                             Lauren Laycock

 Lancelot                                                 Harry Sadler

 Guard and Chorus                                    James Lamb

 Guard and Chorus                                    Charlotte Wessell

 Frog 1 and Chorus                                     Harrison Barley

 Frog 2 and Chorus                                    James Lamb

 Frog 3 and Chorus                                    Judy Snell

 Frog 4 and Chorus                                    Charlotte Wessell

 Pig 1 and Chorus                                       Stella Rutherford

 Pig 2 and Chorus                                      Daisy Samuelson

 Pig 3 and Chorus                                      Jess Wood