Just when you thnk you might know who the murderer is...

there's a twist to end all twists...

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An amateur drama company is rehearsing the the theatre at the end of the pier. Storms rage overhead and the doors are locked - they are trapped!

Then a mysterious, ghostly presence passes across the stage, and when the Assistant Stage Manager falls to certain death through a trapdoor, the remaining actors are thrown into disarray.

Their panic increases when one of the actresses is poisoned and it becomes evident that a murderer must be in their midst...



(in order of appearance)

   LINDA             Tanya Isaiah                    ALEX             Robbie Stemmons

   SANDRA           Jean Burgess                   SYLVIA           Kim Haywood

   GINNY             Karen Budd                     MARTIN         Steve Black  

   HARRY             Keith Burgess                   MOPPET         Kim Groom