All Aloud! is a Leatherhead-based community choir for everyone in and around the Leatherhead area.   Formed in 2011, All Aloud! was set up as part of a county-wide community singing project called "Singing Surrey" and currently meets weekly in Leatherhead. The aim of the choir is quite simply to give people who like singing an opportunity to do so.

                                                        "ALL ALOUD" COMMUNITY CHOIR

                                                                COBHAM SHOW CHOIR

The Show Choirs began in Banstead in 2014, when former opera singer Angela Mackenzie set up a choir that anyone could join singing fabulous West End show songs.   There are now 6 choirs established, with over 250 members, who have performed all over the country and abroad.   The Cobham choir was formed in 2016 and meets every Wednesday in Cobham.   They are always open to new members.