'Allo 'Allo!
                         18th - 20th October 2018
                            Cobham Village Hall
ALLO ALLO poster v5.jpg

   Our production was the stage version of the much loved BBC TV series,

  adorned with classic, farcical set-ups, visual gags, comic one-liners and  

                                        famous catch phrases.

                 It had our audiences laughing from start to finish!

The cast:

The French

  René Artois                      Café proprietor              Keith Burgess

  Edith Melba Artois             René’s wife.                   Jean Burgess  

  Yvette Carte-Blanche          Waitress                        Alyson Pellowe

  Mimi Labonq                   Waitress                        Megan Castle

  Roger Leclerc                   French Resistance           Charlie English

  Michelle Dubois                French Resistance leader  Victoria Franklin

  Piano player                                                      Gill Pepperrell

, Peasants                                                                                         Karen Budd

,                                                                                                          Elaine Kingston

The Germans/Italian

  Colonel Kurt von Strohm     Commandant               Jeff Wightwick

  Captain Alberto Bertorelli    Italian army                          Richard Barrett

  Herr Otto Flick                  Gestapo                      Stuart Evans

  Helga Geerhart                 German army              Hayley Clines

  Lieutenant Hubert Gruber    German army              John Kingston

  General von Schmelling      German army              Brian Hulme

  Soldiers                                                           George Marcall

The British

  Captain Crabtree              British spy                    Graham Budd

  Fairfax                            1st British airman           George Marcall

  Carstairs                          2nd British airman         Harry Sadler